Simple, Flexible, and Uniquely Yours

My Pack

Available 8 November 2021!

Give your Customers everything they want and then some! With My Pack, you can create tailored packs that are custom–built for your Customers. You can choose your own combination of products, giving you the flexibility and simplicity to build packs that are as fun and unique as you are!

Plus, with a qualifying My Pack, your Customers can even qualify for a 10-15% discount!

Build for New and Existing Customers

My Pack is a great way to attract new Customers with custom–made introductory packs and build packs with your existing Customers’ favorite products. Plus, new and existing Members can enjoy 10% to 15% savings if they order a My Pack that meets the 150-300 BV thresholds*.

Product Introduction Bonuses

My Pack can also be a lucrative way to build your business because it allows Isagenix Independent Associates to earn PIBs and Double PIBs**.

My Pack Qualifying BV Price and BV Discount PIB
Double PIB
150 BV – 219 BV 10% Discount £15 / €16 £15 + £15 / €16 + €16
220 BV – 299 BV 10% Discount  £30 / €32 £30 + £30 / €32 + €32
300 BV + 15% Discount  £50 / €53 £50 + £50 / €53 + €53


The order must be 150 BV or more to qualify for the discount and PIB.

Earning a Double PIB with My Pack has the same requirement as current Double PIBs: Enrol two new Customers with qualifying orders within the same commission week.

*Discount applies only to a la carte items added to a My Pack. If another pack is added to a My Pack, no additional discount will be applied to the pack.

**The normal requirement to earn Double PIBs is to enroll two qualifying packs in the same commission week. The Double PIB amount shown reflects the initial PIB payment plus another payment of the initial PIB amount.