How to find new customers with

Collagen Elixir

Suggested Script

You: Hey there, I’m so excited and you were one of the first people I needed to contact. I’ve started using a new marine collagen product that’s brand new to Europe. I think you’d love it!

Them: What is it?

You: A friend of mine introduced me to it, it’s called Collagen Elixir™. It’s already launched in Australia and the US, where we’ve sold over 15 million bottles in just the first 6 months. You should see some of the results people are getting! Pro tip: If you’re already seeing results, you can compliantly share those here. i.e. I’ve noticed a more youthful complexion, improved skin hydration and that’s just the beginning of it! It’s also chemical free and clean sourcing. Want to see some photos?

Them: Yes

You: Send them this link to the Before & After Lookbook

Them: They’ll say “wow”, and probably ask a question about the product.

You: I actually have a 2-minute video that explains the product, want me to drop it in here? (Send this video)

Them: They will either come back with questions, ask “how can I order?” or if you don’t hear back, just ask “Did you have a chance to watch the video? Let me know if you have any questions and I can answer them for you?”

You: You handle objections/answer questions (using images). Continue to ask; “Do you any other questions I can answer for you?”

Them: How do I get started?

You: These are the two best options. If these don’t work, we can customise something that best suits your budget.

One option is the 4-pack which has 40 bottles for £156.00* + shipping.

But if you really want to accelerate your results and get the better deal, for just about £65.00 more you get the 6-pack which has 60 bottles for £221.00* which is like getting 3 bottles for free.

If you let me know which you prefer – I can just send you a pre-loaded cart link for an easy checkout option. Which pack works best for you?

Them: The 6-Pack.

You: Great, I’ll send a link right over. Send them your pre-built Recommended Cart via your Back Office, IsaLife or Penny app. Check out this guide for more information on how to build and share Recommended Carts.

Once they’ve enrolled:

You: Would it be okay if I added you into our Facebook group? There’s a whole community of great people, energy and resources in this group.

Them: Sounds great.

You: Awesome, will do now. Keep your eye out for the group invite. Also, how would you like to get your next order paid for? You can earn up to £467/€509** just for sharing with two of your friends.


I have a little video explaining how that works. Want me to drop it in here? Share this link to the How to Earn with Collagen video.


“How much would excite you?”

Them: £2,000

You: So, if I could show you a way to earn £2,000 by sharing this product, would you be interested to find out how? (Or if I could introduce you to someone who could teach you how to reach £2,000 by sharing this product, would you be open to talking with them?)

Them: Yes

Book a Zoom call (either by yourself or with a business partner). Use the Opportunity Meeting Presentation to talk them through the earning opportunity with Isagenix.

*UK price based on Preferred Customer Autoship and are subject to rounding differences. Remember to check that you have used the correct prices for the country you are selling in. Please log into your Back Office for the most current product offerings and pricing.


**For illustration purposes only. Examples depict maximum earnings with specific scenarios during the promotion period combined with other Isagenix incentives and are not a guarantee. Isagenix does not guarantee any amount of earnings. For average earnings, refer to