The Leader in Action formula is a method to measure specific business building behaviours and outcomes each week during a commission month.

Use this formula to track your points and progress!


Personal Enrolment Points

Enrolment Points

Personally Enrolled Rank Advancement

Week Points

Category Subcategory Point Value
1 Personally Enrolled
Team Member
1PET Personal Enrolments
2 Personally Enrolled
Team Members
2PET Enrolments (up to 20 points each month)
Personally Enrolled Rank Advancements
Consultant, Silver Circle Consultant

Manager, Crystal Manager, Silver Circle Manager

Director, Crystal Director, Silver Circle Director

Executive, Crystal Executive, Golden or Platinum Circle




Active Weeks






A: Enrolment points are awarded when the initial order ships.

A: The Leader in Action formula has been updated to make it easier for you to earn points! When you enrol a new Member with 100 BV in one day (not just on their initial order), you’ll earn the LIA points needed for both your 1PET and 2PET.

A: Rank advancement points are awarded every Monday, one week in arrears after the commission week closes.

A: United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Europe, Japan.

A: PET stands for personally enrolled team.  The first level of your personally enrolled team (1PET) are members that you have personally enrolled.  The second level of your personally enrolled team (2PET) are members that were enrolled by your 1PET members.

A: No.  You only need to have points in each category at the end of the commission month for your points to count.

A: Reports that show your performance, as well as your team’s performance, will be available in the Associate Back Office (ABO) under the reports section.  Coming soon!

A: When you have between two (2) and five (5) personally enrolled paid-as Consultants (or higher) every day of the commission week.

A: When you have between six (6) and nine (9) personally enrolled paid-as Consultants (or higher) every day of the commission week.

A: When you have ten (10) or more personally enrolled paid-as Consultants (or higher) every day of the commission week.

A: Yes.  All combined points will be displayed in the Leader in Action report in the original business center.

A: No. We will only take the highest active rank from your accounts each week, and apply the points for that rank only. Example: In a commission week, let’s say you are active rank Executive in your original center, and active rank Manager in your re-entry. We will take your highest active rank for the week which is Executive and give you 4 active rank points that week. You would not receive the additional 1 point for active rank Manager.

A: Yes. We will combine points from your 1PET enrolments, 2PET enrolments, and personal enrolled rank advancements that were earned in your original center and re-entries each week.

Leader in Action Qualifying Terms: This promotion is open to Isagenix Independent Associates from ALL countries. A maximum of 20 points can be earned per month in the 2PET Enrollment Points category. Personal sponsors can earn multiple points for Personally Sponsored Associates who rank advance more than once in a month. Platinum advancements cannot be awarded points for a lateral move into the Platinum category. Content is based on a 4-4-5 calendar. Original positions and reentry accounts will be combined for Leader in Action point totals. Isagenix may modify or terminate the Leader in Action program at any time and for any reason. All qualifying enrollments must be 100BV or greater. *If a Member does not score points in all four categories in a commission month, they will not receive points for that month.