Customer Referral Program

Customer Referral Program

Through the Customer Referral Program

As a qualified Executive, you have the opportunity to receive the business volume of an Retail Customer’s completed order AND the Retail Customer’s contact information.*

*If the customer opts out of being contacted, you will not receive their contact information.


Take part in the Customer Referral Program by qualifying during each of the 12 qualification periods throughout the year and receive referral Customers in the corresponding benefits period. There is no limit to how many times you can participate!


To participate in the Program and receive benefits from participation, a qualifying Associate must be in good standing with Isagenix AND complete the three following requirements each qualification month:

  1. Maintain Active status.*
  2. Enroll two new customers with an initial order of 100 BV or more.
  3. Be Paid-As Executive every day of the qualification month.

Upon qualification into the Customer Referral Program, you will be notified via email. As a qualified leader, you will begin receiving referrals during the corresponding benefit period and will automatically be assigned the completed retail order BV and Customer’s contact information. **

*Note: We are unable to guarantee the number of Referral Program Customers, BV, or leads you will receive each month.  Additionally, BV awarded through the Customer Referral Program does not count toward qualifying for this program the following month with the Executive Lifestyle Bonus.

**If the customer opts out of being contacted, you will not receive their contact information.

Qualification months are based on the commission months used for Isagenix Leadership Pools.  The calendar for 2020 is as follows:


When a Retail Customer makes a purchase directly from the Isagenix corporate website through the Buy Now feature, the business volume (“BV”) and Customer contact information from that sale (together a “Retail Lead”) will be assigned to a Qualifying Associate, who will be notified of the assignment via email.

Qualifying Associates will be assigned a position on a list based on the date that Associate qualified for the program. When a retail order is placed, the corresponding Retail Lead will be assigned to the next Associate on the list until the last member of the list has received a Retail Lead, at which point the next Retail Lead will be assigned to the Associate in the first position on the list.

Although Qualifying Associates will be eligible to receive credit for Retail Leads under the Program, there is no guarantee of the number of Retail Leads or BV that will be assigned to any Qualifying Associate. Each Retail Lead will be assigned to only one Qualifying Associate. No retail direct profit will apply to this order and BV awarded through the Customer Referral Program does not count toward that Associate’s Active status for this promotion or the Executive Lifestyle Bonus.


When contacting Retail Customers, Associates must ensure they comply with the Isagenix Policies and Procedures and ensure they do not misrepresent Isagenix products or the Isagenix income opportunity.

Retail Customers who elect to provide their information for contact may choose not to be contacted at any point in the process.

Associates must stop contacting the Customer immediately after receiving notice that the Customer no longer wants to be contacted. If Isagenix receives notice that an Associate has contacted a Customer after that Customer has opted out, that Associate may be subject to disciplinary action at the discretion of Isagenix, including but not limited to suspension from participating in the Program and removal from Program eligibility.


As a condition of participation in the Isagenix Customer Referral Program (the “Program”), all Isagenix Independent Associates (“Associate(s)”) must meet the qualification requirements outlined above and agree to these terms and conditions.  Even if an Associate is otherwise eligible for the Program, participation in the Program is subject to approval by the Isagenix Compliance team and the Associate remaining in good standing with Isagenix. Isagenix may, at its sole discretion, modify or elect to suspend or terminate the Program or any Associate’s participation in the Program at any time.


In an effort to better support our Customers and your growth, Isagenix offers products for retail purchase on to Customers in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. This “Buy Now” feature gives Customers a chance to try any Isagenix product without purchasing from outside web stores such as Amazon or eBay where product quality and safety cannot be guaranteed. As a result of this feature, Isagenix implemented the Customer Referral Program.

Customers who make retail purchases through will be connected to qualified Isagenix leaders in the Customer Referral Program. The qualified leader will receive the business volume and the Customer’s contact information to provide product support, recommendations, and coaching. These Customers are paying retail price and are not being required to open an Isagenix account nor being placed in a Business Center. This is an opportunity for leaders to continue to share their experience and product knowledge with Retail Customers to help them become Isagenix Customers for life.

No, at Isagenix, we remain steadfast in our commitment to always do what is best for our Customers. The Customer Referral Program was designed with integrity in mind. All the business volume from sales go directly to a qualified Isagenix leader and their upline.

Rest assured that the new “Buy Now” feature and the Customer Referral Program have been carefully designed to direct prospects to work with Isagenix Associates first. The program is designed to allow those who have not been in contact with an Isagenix Associate the opportunity to enjoy our products and connect with a leader.

Participation in the Customer Referral Program is based on achieving the following each qualification month: maintain paid-as Executive status every day of the qualification month, enroll two new customers with an initial order of 100BV or more, and remain personally active*.  Accomplish these activities during the qualification period to participate in the corresponding benefits period. All accounts must remain in good standing with Isagenix. (Please see the terms and conditions for more information.) All North American Platinum accounts will receive only one spot in the program, which will be their most recent account, as long as they remain in good standing with Isagenix.

*BV awarded from leads received through the Customer Referral Program do not count toward active status for this program. The active order must be placed on your account or on your replicated site to count towards active status in the Customer Referral Program.

All Customer Referral Program qualified leaders will receive retail orders from on a purely rotational basis. The Customer Referral Program orders will automatically appear in the qualifying leader’s account and cannot be changed. Contacts who request more information will be sent to the qualified leader’s account or to whomever the Member has assigned. At this time, it is not based on geography or other parameters.

This program is only available in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico at this time.

Customers can purchase any Isagenix item from the entire North American product catalog at retail cost at

Referral Program Customers pay retail price for products. If they decide to join Isagenix as a Member after their initial retail purchase, they may pay the membership fee and enroll through an Isagenix Associate. As part of their annual membership, they receive wholesale pricing and additional discounts if they choose to participate in our optional Autoship rewards program.

If one of your Customers places a retail order on by mistake instead of purchasing directly from you, have your Customer contact the Customer Care team at 877-877-8111 within three business days. Our Customer Care team can review the purchase and determine if the retail sale can be credited to you as the referring Associate.

Additionally, all orders from are retail product orders. This means that your referrals have not yet enrolled in Isagenix. You always have the opportunity to enroll your Referral Program Customers with Isagenix so they can take advantage of wholesale pricing on future orders, and you can enjoy all the benefits available under the compensation plan.

Associates with multiple Business Centers will only be allowed to participate in the Program based on their most recent Business Center,regardless of whether their other Business Center(s) would otherwise qualify for participation in the Program.

Qualifying spouses with separate Business Centers are both permitted to participate in the Program in their respective Business Centers, provided each Business Center has independently met all the requirements for participation.

Receiving Retail Customer contact information does not create any sort of exclusivity, and any Retail Customer who is not enrolled by the Qualifying Associate may still be enrolled by another Associate. If that Retail Customer places a subsequent order directly through Isagenix,another Qualifying Associate may receive that Retail Customer’s contact information on the subsequent order and enroll the Retail Customer.

Retail orders made through the Isagenix website cannot be converted to wholesale orders. If a Retail Customer makes a purchase through the Isagenix website and is subsequently enrolled by an Associate, the new Customer’s first order after enrollment will be considered the new Customer’s initial order. Associates should not encourage Retail Customers to return retail product orders and reorder products as a Member.

Associates credited with a Retail Lead that is subsequently returned or canceled will have all associated BV from the Retail Lead revoked and will not receive a replacement Retail Lead.